Factors for selecting the best dual band routers


Asus RT AC88U

If you are looking for information on the best wireless router, there are plenty of them out there. The problem is with the rapidly changing technology manufacturers are upgrading their routers and new features are getting added. The addition of Gigabit LAN was not present even in the recent past, but this has now become a common addition to most of the dual band routers. Understandably, the special impetus has been given to the reliability and performance of these routers. Therefore, the scenario for wireless routers at present will always make you think of upgrading in the near future. The asus rt ac88u has been making a lot of news recently.

The features added to this exceptionally fast dual band router has made it a popular choice. Though it is pricey, but looking at the exceptional work it is capable of performing, the cost is amply justified. Even if the technology adopted in the asus rt ac88u becomes obsolete within a few months, here are some tips that should always help you when you are choosing the best dual band routers.

The speed is the essence of any dual band routers. Ensure, the wireless router has the latest version of 802.11n technology. By far, this is the hallmark of a router for the speed you need. The next important aspect would be checking for the 5GHz frequency along with the 2.4GHz frequency. This is less prone to interference, therefore, your interruptions are minimized. If you are looking for a higher range, look for the MIMO (Multiple-in-Multiple-out) technology in addition with wireless N. For those, who prefer a router to support high-definition video or dedicated gaming should look for consistency. This can only be achieved with the help of a dual band router. Understandably, gaming or video would demand higher bandwidth. A robust dual-band modem with the Gigabit LAN ports should aid in this. Read the complete asus router review here: http://www.gizmofreakz.com/asus-rt-ac88u-dual-band-router-review/

The another important aspect is to verify the security aspects of the router. The WPA/WPA2, NAT, and SPI firewall are some of the security features that almost all the latest wireless routers incorporate. It is going to be a prudent decision to check for the availability of all these features in the router you select for your requirements.

The steps mentioned above should easily make you zero down your search criteria. Once you have sorted the routers for performance, it is time to do some research. Most of the leading tech websites now review the devices that are newly out. Of course, this also includes these dual band routers. Read as many reviews you can have a proper idea. User experiences matter a lot, and these are going to be the ultimate guidelines for you in finalizing the decision of a particular wireless router. Currently, the asus rt ac88u satisfies all the factors mentioned above. Those who have tried and tested this router are extremely satisfied with its performance. If you have the budget and in need for a high-speed connectivity the asus rt ac88u should be perfect for you.